Audit (RAC) Manager

Facing audits by Medicare’s Recovery Audit Contractors and others? Here’s the electronic audit management solution you’ve been waiting for.

Cobius’ Audit (RAC) Manager enables hospitals to respond quickly to audit requests and then seamlessly manage those audits through to resolution. With its powerful reporting and management features, Audit (RAC) Manager makes it possible to stay on top of even the heaviest audit workloads, while supporting continuous quality improvement for which you’ve been waiting.

Why Cobius’ Audit (RAC) Manager is better:

  • Promotes rapid response to audit requests, making it possible to send hundreds of charts quickly and meet demanding audit schedules
  • Allows hospitals to log and track all audits in one easy-to-use system, alerting users to previously audited records that are exempt from RAC audits
  • Makes document sharing and collaboration easy by maintaining audit documentation online where all authorized users can access it
  • Enables hospitals to manage thousands of cases simultaneously by automating some tasks and managing outstanding tasks and deadlines via workflow tracking screens
  • Helps hospitals detect error patterns by enabling users to analyze audits for patterns and giving them feedback on productivity and other audit information
  • Integrates seamlessly with hospital billing systems and other Cobius products, eliminating data entry redundancies and errors