Denial Manager

Reduce denied claims with Cobius’ Denial Manager

Is your hospital losing revenues due to denied claims that could have been prevented?

Denial rates of just a few percent can mean the difference between making and losing money. Denial Manager helps customers improve recoveries, revenue and cash flow. The software enables healthcare providers to recoup existing denials and prevent future denials.   The cloud-based application can be set up quickly to start yielding a return on investment.  Denial Manager can be used together with Cobius’ Audit Manager to produce a comprehensive view of all payer denials.

Denial Manager supports hospital claims management by:

  • tracking denials and the appeals process
  • providing a complete claim and payment history
  • automatically identifying the underlying causes of denials
  • providing powerful business intelligence to monitor outcomes, productivity and processes
  • facilitating collaboration and streamlining workflow

Learn more about how Denial Manager can benefit your hospital’s bottom line by contacting Cobius today.