Cobius Electronic Medical Record

Cobius Electronic Medical Record creates online patient records that users can access quickly, securely, and affordably from anywhere – hospital, home, or office.

Cobius’ Electronic Medical Record is part of the Cobius EMR Solution.  With our ‘keyless’ scanning technology, records can be scanned in batches quickly and with great accuracy. Records are immediately available to clinicians and administrators alike. Records can be stored indefinitely for easy retrieval when needed. We make it easy to transition to online records – from other systems or from paper.

Why the Cobius Electronic Medical Record is better:

  • Improves patient care by showing all patient’s visits at one time, enabling users to quickly access the patient’s complete history
  • Reduces costs associated with filing, file retrieval, storage, and microfilming
  • Allows multiple users to access a record simultaneously
  • Can be set-up in weeks (not months)
  • Requires only a browser to use
  • Easily scales to accommodate additional facilities, users, and records
  • Easy-to-use screens minimize training and support time
  • High-speed record capture with ‘keyless’ scanning eliminates thousands of keystrokes. Also accepts electronic input from other systems
  • Accepts bar codes and ADT feeds
  • Improves security by enabling administrators to restrict and track viewer actions
  • Integrates with other Cobius products to make coding, release of information, disclosure and other functions much faster and more efficient