esMD (electronic submission of medical documents)

Send audit documents to CMS electronically, saving time and costs while preventing file loss and delivery delay.

Many healthcare providers must submit audit documents to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) on paper or CDs/DVDs. Producing and sending these documents this way is time-consuming and costly.  Deliveries can also be delayed or lost, requiring additional work and potentially resulting in missed critical deadlines.

Cobius esMD (electronic submission of medical documents) allows customers to instantly send audit documents to Medicare auditors using a secure electronic transmission. Customers receive immediate confirmation of receipt, so they can rest assured that their files were delivered on time.  This transparency ensures files are not lost in transit.

Cobius is one of the first organizations certified by CMS to offer esMD gateway services.  This certification authorizes Cobius to send your documents over the National Health Information Network. Our esMD solution integrates with Cobius Audit Manager where it is easily incorporated into the workflow.