Internal Audit Manager

Assess and reduce your risks before your payers do with Cobius’ Internal Audit Manager

Are payers denying payments due to documentation, coding, billing problems, and other factors? Do you know how to find and correct these risks efficiently?

Cobius’ Internal Audit Manager helps customers identify and resolve these and other issues quickly, often before your payers discover them. This browser-based solution enables users to perform audits for coding, outcomes, clinical documentation, medical necessity, billing and other matters in one place. The application makes it easy for auditors to quickly select accounts, review data, and create reports. The advanced reporting features speed the process of identifying and solving problems.

Internal Audit Manager helps claims withstand payer scrutiny by:

  • allowing you to assess risks identified through audits
  • ensuring audits are completed properly
  • supporting continuous improvement
  • automating many tasks to maximize productivity and reduce errors
  • providing actionable business intelligence

Learn more about how Internal Audit Manager can benefit your hospital’s bottom line by contacting Cobius today.