Release Manager (ROI)/HIPAA Disclosure Manager

Releasing medical records is often a time-consuming and difficult-to-manage function. Not any more.

Cobius’ Release Manager simplifies and speeds the release process by automating or facilitating many steps. Release Manager gives HIM staff secure online access to medical records and then automatically produces selected documents for immediate and secure delivery. It reduces the effort needed to perform release of information (ROI), saving time and money.

Why Cobius’ Release Manager (ROI) is better:

  • Reduces ROI time and cost
  • Permits electronic release of documents, including to CMS through esMD
  • Enables authorized internal users (e.g., business office) to generate and fill their own requests
  • Enables users to instantly view the status of any request
  • Manages the release of both paper and electronic records
  • Includes Cobius’ HIPAA Disclosure Manager for complete HIPAA-compliant disclosure management
  • Can be operated in-house (including by a centralized staff in a multi-facility system) or by an outsourced service

HIPAA requires that healthcare organizations track disclosures of patient health information. Cobius Disclosure Manager is a web-based system that makes it easy to enter and track required patient disclosure information across your organization. Disclosure Manager instantly produces HIPAA-compliant accountings of disclosure.

Why Cobius’ HIPAA Disclosure Manager is better:

  • Produces real-time accountings of disclosure
  • Allows authorized users (e.g., specific departments, business associates) to input required disclosures
  • Manages disclosures of both paper and electronic records
  • Facilitates compliance with disclosure tracking and reporting rules
  • Integrates with Cobius’ Release Manager
  • Permits single or multi-facility use