Health Information Management

Harness the full power of technology to manage your HIM functions more effectively.

Cobius brings you the most advanced HIM solutions at a fraction of the cost hospitals are accustomed to paying.

Whether you want to move to entirely electronic medical records, or if you just want to fill in some pieces that are missing in your current system, Cobius has a solution for you.

  • Audit (RAC) Manager – Manage all audits (including RACs) from receipt through resolution while promoting continuous quality improvement
  • Cobius Electronic Medical Record – Enables you to find and view records securely from any PC, improving patient care and reducing filing, storage, and microfilm costs
  • Coding Manager –Improve coder productivity and quality, while making it easier to manage coding staff
  • Internal Audit Manager  – Manage all your internal audits to make sure your organization is complying with coding, documentation, quality measures, and other standards.
  • Release Manager (ROI)/HIPAA Disclosure Manager – Reduces the time and cost to release information by more than 70% through electronic release and other measures.  Captures and reports on all disclosures according to HIPPA mandates